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About Us


Our mission is to help children GROW, LEARN, AND HAVE FUN. We focus on teaching them how to develop motor skills, self-confidence, tactical understanding, vision, technical skills, self-esteem, character, integrity and a problem-solving attitude.


We believes that each and every player grows at their own pace, and their ability to improve and learn is directly related to the inspiration, education, environment and guidance they are provided.inspiration each individual will add their personal motivation to develop as best they can at their own pace. Within our program each player will have the opportunity to grow, learn and have fun as measured only against themselves.

We understand every player is made up of three (3) equally important parts: 


Between the ages of 6 and 18 years of age, a player can change in any of three areas significantly from season to season, in some cases even game to game.  Our goal is to take any player that has an interest in, or passion for, the game and no matter the intellectual, emotional, or athletic level and give them the best opportunity possible to succeed at the Beautiful Game.

The intellectual player can see the field and opponents and responds to their shifts, changes,  and demands.  The intellectual understanding of the game only comes with time, time watching the game, and time playing the game.  Typically, the intellectual components of the game start to take hold with a player around the age of 13-14 years of age. 
It is the rare player that can "see the field"

The emotional player, as with any growing and maturing child/teenager, develops at their own rate.  So players start out reserved and hesitant, in time they may become argumentative and disruptive, then may evolve and become aggressive and demanding.  Our goal is to help each player to become emotionally balanced, confident, and >>>>

A players athletic ability is something that can be developed over time with consistent and persistent training.  Not every player is destined for the greatness of the pros.  But every player can come to understand their strengths & weaknesses and develop & improve their own game.