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About Us

The Player

Each player will be taught that it is their responsibility to be prepared before the whistle blows, to give their very best after the whistle blows and to continue learning after the game is over. When a player has completed their time in the program, our success will be measured by the fun they have had, the love for the game they’ve developed, and their individual ability to step on any soccer field with any player of their age and become a productive participant.

If we are able to teach players success in developing their own soccer abilities we also believe it is something that will translate into other areas of their life. Helping to enlighten the youth to their potential is our greatest reward. To be effective, we must have players who are not afraid to make mistakes while giving their best effort and testing the limits of their ability. Our ultimate goal is to prepare each player to someday become the best coach and best parent they can be. In the process of striving for these goals, we will help to develop some great players and maybe some great teams. We know that out of 1000 players we are fortunate enough to teach, maybe one will be still playing competitively at age 30. Almost all of the players will become parents and hopefully coaches and that is what defines our real mission. We want our players to learn to play with a smile on their face. That means they will need to love to have the ball at their feet.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help children GROW, LEARN, AND HAVE FUN. We focus on teaching them how to develop motor skills, self-confidence, tactical understanding, vision, technical skills, self-esteem, character, integrity and a problem-solving attitude.


Why are exceptional dribblers a rare commodity at the higher levels? Probably because players are so often discouraged from dribbling in their early years, which is like telling toddlers to shut up when they're learning to speak.

-- Mike Woitalla, October 31, 2007 

Let them dribble - by Mike Woitalla

January 09, 2008 ** By Mike Woitalla (from Soccer America Magazine's Youth Insider) ** It's one of the most common screams heard on the youth soccer fields of America: "Pass it! Pass it! Pass it!"


The mission of the US Youth Soccer KidSafe Program is to promote the health, safety and protection of players in the game of soccer. US Youth Soccer has adopted the KidSafe Program in order to exclude from participation in its activities all persons who have been convicted of felonies, crimes of violence or crimes against persons.