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Team America FC is affiliating with United Youth Sports Association

Team America has a goal starting with the
2017-2018 Seasonal Year

of helping families to obtain FREE travel and recreational soccer for their children. Our affiliation with United Youth Sports Association will help our families and our club to strive for FREE soccer while improving services, teaching and facilities.

Team America is moving from an event based payment system to a monthly or quarterly based payment system, Players once registered to join Team America, after registering, will be able to tryout for the team best suited to their time commitments and monthly fee budget as well as with the coach they prefer.

Players will be registering for the seasonal year 2017-2018. That means they must be able to meet the activity time requirements of their team as well as the monthly financial expenses of their team. Financial obligations will run from June 15, 2017 through 14 June 2018.

Our goal is to help each family earn FREE soccer for their child but until FREE soccer goal is reached  each family will have fees changed to a more manageable monthly payment system. 

We will be holding meetings and individual family appointments throughout the winter and spring, to help everyone learn what they need to do for their family to  have FREE soccer or even almost FREE soccer.



1.  Who will be the head coach and who will be the assistant and or backup coach.

2.  Will there be additional training sessions available, if needed.

3.  What are the mandatory activities your child is expected to attend? This includes training days, league games, tournaments, camps for the entire 2017-2018 year.

4.  What are the expected costs for the mandatory activities?

5.  Are there payment plan options for these costs, and if so what are the options?

6. Will the payment options be able to be monthly or must they fees be paid in three installments?

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