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Team America 96

Fall 2014 2014-2015
2014-2015 x Fall 2014

Official Team America 96 (Spring 2015)

This is the official site of TEAM AMERICA FOOTBALL CLUB 1996 (TAFC96) Travel Soccer team.  Team America is based in Northern Virginia, just south of Washington DC.

TEAM AMERICA FC philosophy focuses on the development of well rounded soccer players .  Our philosophy focuses first and foremost on strong ball control skills and creativity in real game situations.  Our philosophy teaches players that making mistakes are simply a part of learning, and without mistakes you are not pushing your skills or testing your abilities. 

For additional information, please visit the following sources:
     Twitter:  @TAFC96
     Soccer in College 

Team America 96 Video Channel:
     Team America 96 - YouTube 

Luis Meneses

Luis Meneses

Head Coach, Team America 96

TAFC96 Team America 96 TAFC96

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