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Team America Program


TEAM AMERICA's philosophy focuses on the development of well-rounded soccer players. Our philosophy focuses first and foremost on ball handling and control skills in real game situations. Our philosophy teaches players that making mistakes is simply a part of learning, and without errors, you are not pushing your skills or testing your abilities. 

Our ultimate goal is to prepare each player for some day to reach the maximum level of competition their skills will allow, whether that be travel soccer, high school, college, or professional ranks. But, more importantly, TEAM AMERICA wants these young people to want to play soccer and eventually become the best player, fan, coach, parent and advocate of soccer possible.



"Why are exceptional dribblers a rare commodity at the higher levels? Probably because players are so often discouraged from dribbling in their early years, which is like telling toddlers to shut up when they're learning to speak."

-- Mike Woitalla, October 31, 2007 



Our programs have been established to provide the atmosphere, the inspiration, the opportunity, the intensity and environment for individual personal growth. We see our job as one that helps to turn on the light of discovery in each player.  We see the ball as the magnet of self-development and fun.   We never know when that light bulb of understanding and excitement will turn on. Therefore, we must try always to offer as many avenues of experience as time and resources will allow.

Our methods are unique to Team America, if we continue to do the best job of maintaining a disciplined dedication to our belief system, and put the development of players ahead of the ego of parents, coaches and spectators. We set the stage for putting the players’ development on and off the field ahead of the game and even ahead of the team. 

Our determination and persistence in the implementation of our philosophy are unique because TAFC is dedicated to the long-term development of the players from the age of U6 through U12 as an individual rather than the development of the team.

Once players pass through the ages of puberty, there will be more than ample time to develop the team. It is much easier to build a successful team when more of the individuals have the skills required.

To reach our objectives, we will:

  • Teach players that mistakes are simply a part of learning, and without them, you are not expanding your opportunities. 
  • Teach players that they are the decision-makers on the field and that it is most important they learn to make good decisions on and off the field.

Learning decision making, like ball skills, must begin early if we are to have our players prepared for the choices of high school, college and beyond.