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Team America is closed until further notice. All of our families are on a long forced spring break. The only thing important is that each family keeps their family safe during these difficult times.

If any Team America family is having a very difficult time please reach out for help. Email Larry Dunn at LCD8326@aol.com and he will reach out to the rest of the club. We are never sure where help is needed or where help will come from but it does not mean we cannot try. EFFORT-PERFORMANCE-RESULTS.

Please, during these trying times, try to remember that if you have to choose between being right and being kind, choose being kind.

Welcome to Team America Football Club!

We are a player development focused youth soccer club based in Northern Virginia, just south of Washington, DC.

Our philosophy is rooted in the understanding that soccer is more than a fun game, it's a magnificent tool for teaching kids and helping them grow. In our programs we encourage creativity, critical thinking, the use of both feet, and a focus on giving the best effort possible and not worrying about the results. We teach players that making mistakes is simply a part of learning, and without mistakes, a player is not pushing their skills or improving.

One game ends, another begins. There are always more to play. So we give our very best and don't worry about the results of any individual match. We love to play, have fun, and make magic with the ball.



Each and every adult participating in any capacity with our players or teams, whether as a volunteer or a team paid coach or trainer, is subject to the KidSafe background check program. Each person working  or volunteering in a Team America program must have their background check done for each seasonal year.