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Recreation Player Development Program

Team America, in cooperation with the Fairfax Sportsplex, announces a first of its kind all indoor trained recreational soccer and player development program. , We have a 10 month player development recreational soccer program for boys and girls from 6 years old to 11 years old. This program will operate in the fall, winter and spring seasons. Each player at each age will move within the program at their own pace. It matters not how big or small the player is. It matters not whether a boy or girl. It matters not at what stage their emotional, intellectual or physical status might be. It matters not how slow or fast a player can run, they just must have the ability to run and the desire to have fun with the ball. Our prime directive is for players to learn, grow and have fun with the ball and not afraid of making mistakes or failing. We cannot learn without making mistakes. Playing on fields with walls allows each player to maximize their touches, maximize their decision-making opportunities and maximize their fun.

Our goal is for each player to fall in love with the ball and while developing their skills sets with the ball over time becoming a 2-footed player in the process. The more skill sets they have, the more 2-footed they are and the more they love the ball, the more INDIVIDUAL CONFIDENCE they will have on and off the field. Each player can learn to make their own MAGIC with the ball.

Our program will focus on player development within a venue that allows every child to maximize his or her touches on the ball. It is a training system that includes a ball skills centric process during the week that is followed by small sided fun games on the weekend. The focus will be on each player’s individual creative development and identity rather than team development. The program will run from August  through June. Players U7 and older that have the desire and capability for more soccer will be able to apply to participate in our Saturday morning skill development program that has mixed ages from U7 to U10. This program is a 2.5 hour session of nothing but games. Younger players learn from the older players and older players learn to develop leadership, teaching and character building in a venue that allows freedom to be creative so each player can learn, grow and have fun at their own pace. All we ask for players below the age of 12 is to give their best EFFORT. That is the best effort they have on a given day. From the middle school years on players will be asked to give effort but their Performance and Results become important after they are 12 years old. and perform. In the high school years they will not only have to give effort and perform but must obtain team results.


We're Accepting 2019-2020 Player Development Program  Registrations for Recreational Soccer Programs
Boys and Girls | Ages 5 - 12

Club  Registration$300.00
Registration includes: Club fee but not uniform expense.
To register for Spring 2020 only the fee is $150. Registration must be done with paper form at the club or by email.

To Register: Go to Home page and click on the 2019-2020 Seasonal Year banner. At the end of the registration process just before check out you select recreation.

Contact the Larry Dunn with Questions or Comments

Larry.Dunn@teamamericafc.com or 703-307-4213

Games / Practices

Fall Season: Saturdays beginning Sept 7 through November 9th (No games on Sept 21st or Oct 12th, 2019) Game times are between 9am to 12P on Saturdays.

Winter Indoor League Seasons: Saturdays or Sundays beginning November 16th or 17th 2019 and running through March 21st or 22nd 2020.

Spring Season: Saturdays from April 6th through June 8th (No games on 20 April & 25 May). Game times are between 9am to 12P on Saturdays.

Practice Weeks: Begins in Fall the week of August 26 and runs through the week of June 3rd.  The player age groups of 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010 will train on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

Practices: Players will be organized in to practice groups by age. The age groups will be U6 (2013 & 2014), U8 (under 2012 & 2011) and U10 (under 2010 & 2009 ). Within each age group, training teams will consist or 6 players to no more than 10 players. Teams may be co-ed for U6s and U8s. The  age group training teams may also be co-ed. Each group schedules training for at least once a week. More training is allowed as desired by the players in each  group and the families in the group. Practice time slots run from 530pm or 7:00pm  in 90 minute segments. More time is available depending on the age and needs of the group. Each player will be assigned a time and day based on family needs and space availability.  

Practice Locations: Practices will be conducted in our clubhouse training rooms, Fairfax Sportsplex indoor fields or on our outdoor fields at Plum Center.

Games: Since we are a player development centric program, we will not be playing one game on Saturdays. Instead most age groups, will play five to ten minute games for 2 to 2.5 hours on Saturday mornings at the Fairfax Sportsplex. The age groups are players born 2014 to 2011 on one field and 2010 to 2008 on another field. 

Parent Coach & Training: Our goal is to have parent coaching training sessions on Saturday mornings. Sessions will also be available during the week before or after scheduled practices.  Parent coaches will be provided training guidance for the season to help them make training a fun experience for them and the players. There is also additional training available through our staff trainers if more training is desired. The additional staff training has a cost above program costs.

This program runs for 10 months each year. Therefore, we must understand that players will miss days and sometimes weeks at a time. This does not hurt the player or the program. It functions with great flexibility for family time issues. Just imagine how a player who starts at 5 and goes through the program to 10 years old, will be.  Imagine what they can learn in a purpose dedicated but individually open and creative environment.


Costs / Uniforms / Summer Programs

The cost of the Fall, Winter & Spring program includes: club registration, uniforms, administrative expense, fall & spring league play, referees, winter indoor league play (3 sessions Nov to March), coaches training, equipment, VYSA & US Club Soccer registration and insurance expense, Fairfax County field fee. The average annual cost is $900 paid in five installments. When players register with the club, they make a $300 deposit. This deposit covers club registration, VYSA insurance fee, county field use fees & uniform expense. The balance is paid in $150 or $100 installments each month between  October 1st and April 1st. 

NOTE: If a player is unable to play in all three winter indoor sessions, then their fees are reduced by $80 for each session they cannot play. These fees are deducted from the April and February installments respectively.

Uniforms:  Each player receives the Team America  training kit that includes a yellow jersey, black shorts and black socks and ball. 

Summer Programs:  Teams or groups of players may enter the Fairfax Sportsplex summer league that plays on Saturdays. This starts the second week of July  and ends the second week of August. The Fairfax Sportsplex charges approximately  $425 per team. Parents will usually manage these team groups